"Am I the only one who thinks that Paige can’t wrestle??"

"I don’t get it why people are making Paige look like a god. She has some skills, but it’s not like she’s better than Tamina, Naomi, or The Bellas. People that actually understand something about wrestling know what I’m saying; she still have to work a lot."  

As much as I like Paige, I don’t really know how good it was to make her the Divas Champ. Also, I didn’t really understand the way they did it. She was acting all shy and cute in front of AJ, and it wasn’t at all the same Paige from NXT. I hope she will have a credible gimmick as the new champ though, if it lasts.”

Total Divas has been nothing but bad for Natalya. It makes her out to be a bratty, entitled person, and most of the time on the second season, I can’t bear to watch her. She is irritating and comes off as jealous of the newer girls. It’s sad because I’m sure she doesn’t mean to, and that the show is either scripted or the producers make things happen to go their way. Natalya should just quit the show to be honest”

People hate on AJ for the most unnecessary things. They also need to realize she is not going anywhere and she is going to be given MANY opportunities to shine, so they need to deal with it. The reasons she gets those chances is because fans want to see her and the WWE believes in her. Maybe people should stop hating on AJ and actually start supporting their favorites, because THAT is what gets results.”

If Tamina and AJ split, I’m rooting for Tamina”

Only Shawn Michaels and CM Punk were worthy of breaking The Undertaker’s streak”

"I am going to laugh when Paige starts jobbing to the Total Divas. They are going to annihilate her and put her in her place very quickly. Whoo-hoo! (PS, how hilarious would it be if Eva Marie beat Paige?)"

Yeah I like Paige and Daniel Bryan, however unlike a lot of the WWE universe, I’m not willing to give my left arm and first born child to them. I’m happy for their success, but stop treating them like Gods. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before you all start bitching about wanting a new Divas’ and WWE champions.”

Total Divas has made me like Nikki Bella and dislike Natalya, both in ring and outside the ring.”

AJ Lee is considered the best at the moment because she has the whole package. She’s great at playing her role, she has mic skills, and can wrestle. The amount of hate she gets is ridiculous. She’s just an average girl who got the chance to live her dream in front of millions people. She worked hard to get to where she is today.” 

AJ haters; you hate the ‘AJ Lee’ character that you see for a maximum of 10 minutes on the tv; don’t judge April the person. She is playing a character.”

I find it weird AJ wasn’t on Raw. I mean, she JUST lost the title that she was completely nuts over, and now she’s just gone. It makes no sense! She should have been freaking out, demanding her rematch. It was completely out of character.”

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